$ 136.14


Odyssey Non Spillable Dry Cell



  • Made in the USA

  • Used by the US Dept. NAVY (Marine Corps is part of the NAVY)

  • When loaded down with 2 weeks of gear a KLR is hard to bump start

  • Never have to take side cover or seat off to add water (that sold us right there) No vent tube either

  • Designed to handle heavy vibration

    At Purdhoe Bay Alaska in early June, the AM temperature was 25 and this battery did the job, and the guy on the KLX650 had to get the jump!

Battery Specs:

Operating temperature -40C to 60C
5 Seconds to 7.2V @ 250C =545 Amps
Reserve capacity 18 Minutes
Dimensions in inches: 3.37 wide, 7.00 long 5.17 high
Weight 12.6 lbs.

  • CCA-- 185A
  • MCA-- 240A
  • PHCA-- 545A


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